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fuel your ride program (FYRP)

Fuel Your Ride Program (FYRP) is designed to help you have your best ride every ride.

Within the FYRP we help you improve your performance by optimising your energy levels and focus, reactions, supporting your mood and reducing your stress levels.


Through the process of Intuitive Eating we help you to understand how to fuel your body to allow you to thrive in your life, in and out of the saddle. We do this by teaching to you connect with your hunger and fullness cues whilst also taking into consideration foods which are satisfying. We also help you to develop a better understanding of how different foods impact upon your energy levels, mood, concentration and how you feel physically.


Unlike other Rider Nutrition programs which apply cookie cutter approaches to eating, Fuel Your Ride is designed around you! During your initial assessment we will work with you to develop an understanding of the challenges you are facing with food and eating and how this is impacting upon your riding. We will then design a road map for helping you to move through this challenges.


The Fuel Your Ride program includes:

  • one to one nutrition coaching sessions

  • Recipe ebook

  • Snack guides

  • Rider nutrition 101 eguide 

  • Membership in our riders community hosted on Facebook


Whether you struggle to eat enough or you feel out of control with food and eating we are here for you. 


Within this program we will help you understand the fundamentals of sports nutrition as it applies to horse riders, whether you have aspirations of riding Grand Prix or you want to be more present when working with your horse. 


The program goes into depth on how to fuel your riding and life, hydration and recovery nutrition. This includes:

  • Building a healthy relationship with food and your body

  • Adjusting meals and snacks to prevent digestive upset close to rides

  • How to start exercise hydrated and stay hydrated during your ride

  • How to support your body to recover after riding or cross training, including supporting muscle growth and repair


Healing your relationship with food and your body is a fundamental piece of this program. It not only provides a solid base for utilising nutrition to enhance your performance as a rider, it also free's up your time and money  to focus on what really matters to you.


Fuel Your Ride is a truly unique rider nutrition program designed to help you succeed and reach your goals.