frequently asked

providing guidance

how do you see clients?

We offer face to face appointments for people who live within travelling distance from Brisbane QLD, and virtual appointments via technologies such as Zoom for people who live further afield.

what should I prepare for my initial consultation?

Allow approximately one hour for your first appointment. Have a list of any medical conditions or medications that you take on hand. Otherwise, just make sure you are in a space where you feel comfortable and are able to talk freely and openly.  A food journal is not necessary, unless you feel it could help you identify issues you wish to discuss.

why work with a dietitian?

Dietitian's bring their expertise in food and its relationship to health and are able to help you to listen to your body to figure out what will work best for you as in individual.

can I use private health insurance?

If dietetic services are covered under your Private Health Insurance Extras Scheme you should be able to claim a rebate directly from your insurance company. Full payment will be required at the time of your appointment and an invoice will be provided.

do you accept payment via chronic disease management plans?

Yes, we are able to accept payment via Chronic Disease Management plans, however there will be a gap payment.

are there lock-in contracts?

All consultations are obligation free in terms of your ongoing commitment, however follow-up sessions are often beneficial.

do I need a referral from a GP?

No, you are welcome to contact us without a referral.  We can provide services to anyone looking for guidance, inside of Australia.