Nutrition Services for Riders

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we are for every body

Our approach is to provide realistic advice to suit your specific lifestyle and goals; we are here for people of all backgrounds and ages, not just equestrians!


You are unique and your advice should be too, find out exactly how we can help you address your concerns and reach your specific goals

support through online programs

Our online programs are completely unique! They provide a great option for ongoing support on your wellness journey

educational resources

Dive deeper into nutrition with online programs, e-books and guides; we even provide freebies to start you on your journey

treating yourself as an athlete.

As equestrians, we put a great deal of focus into our sport and ensuring our horse is performing to the best of his ability, his needs are well met through a meticulously crafted diet, a planned exercise regime and regular physiotherapy or massage sessions. However, we sometimes lose sight of the fact that we as riders, are 50% of the athletic partnership and deserve to invest in ourselves.  


Rider nutrition is an under utilised tool which can help maintain their energy levels, focus and responses. However, nutrition is also a confusing topic, surrounded with much misinformation. This is where working with a dietitian can be invaluable to riders. Just as you wouldn’t expect to ride Grand Prix without the guidance of a coach, a dietitian can help you to eat in a way that helps you feel good and supports your performance and health. 

The Equestrian Athlete has been developed as a tailored solution for all equestrians, from those competing at a high level to weekend leisure riders.  Andrea, the Accredited Practicing Dietitian behind the Equestrian Athlete is an involved equestrian who understands the unique demands of the sport and the busy lifestyle of equestrians. 


Andrea practices within a non-diet approach using the Intuitive Eating framework alongside sports nutrition strategies  to help clients from all backgrounds. Her goal is to help them feel better, take the stress out of food and eating, enable them to reach their performance goals.

If you are ready to explore how nutrition can help you as a rider and support your best rider, contact us today to book your free discovery call. 

Nutrition for riders, by riders

Andrea Parker is an equestrian first and foremost, having started riding at the age of 9. Growing up Andrea tried her hand at most disciplines, but it was in dressage that she found her passion. Along with her mare Nonie she competed up to Medium level. They were set to start at Advanced level in 2021, unfortunately Nonie passed away after a paddock accident.


At the end of 2012 Andrea graduated with a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of the Sunshine Coast. Since then she has worked in a variety of settings from the Intensive Care to Community Mental Health. She has worked with people at all stages of life. In 2021 Andrea completed the Sports Nutrition course and is now a Provisional Sports Dietitian.


Over the years Andrea has developed a passion for improving people’s relationship to food and their bodies.  With the emerging interest amongst equestrians to maximise their performance Andrea saw the opportunity to marry her two passions. The Equestrian Athlete was born out of a desire to enhance rider nutrition by supporting riders to ditch the diet and in doing so improve their nutrition and performance in the saddle. In her fully online practice Andrea works with riders across the world.